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Perfume-Inspired Series Reed Diffusers

Perfume-Inspired Series Reed Diffusers

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MScents Atelier Luxury Reed diffuser Crystal Bottle

Capacity: 150ml

1. 💕 Struck By Love
2. 💕 Gentlemen De Club
3. 💕 Under Your Influence
4. 💕 Life Is Beautiful With You
5. 💕 Somebody Like You
6. 💕 A Glimpse Of Us 

Box Size: 15*25*9cm

Includes natural bamboo reeds
Contains high pure essential oil
Reverse the reeds to release a continual fragrance
Lasting fragrance option, 1-2 months
Beautiful glass-style bottle
Inspired by women-led
Presented in a gold touch

Fill your home with Mscents luxury reeds diffuser. The scent sensation inspired by nature and its wonderfully relaxing fragrance purifies the air and rebalances the mood. MScents recommend this aroma for use in the kitchen, washroom, hallway, or living area.

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