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Reed Diffusers Gift Bundle

Reed Diffusers Gift Bundle

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2 x Premium Reed Diffuser Luxury Fragrance Spray 100ml

2 x Premium Aroma Spray 120ml

Limited Tote Bag Total Retail Price $90 Special Gift Bundle Deal Discount.

Free Wrapping + Card +Ribbon Pls, advise if need customization.


Choice of Scents:

Aroma Spray 

1. Lemongrass (Spa Zen)

2.  Rose Geranium (Aromatic Lush)

3.  Lavender (Calming Soul)

4.  Tea Tree (Natural Deodorant)

5.  Eucalyptus (Pristine Ambience)

6.  Ylang & Orange (Energize atmosphere)

7.  Summer Orchid (Energize Atmosphere)

8.  Rainforest (Elevate Freshness)

9.  Ocean Mist (Sea Spa)

10.  COCO (Passion Motivated)

11.  EDEN (Euphoric Garden)

12.  Avalanche (Slush Passion)

13.  Relaxing (Peaceful Breeze)


Reed Diffuser Scents :

1. Rose Geranium (Aromatic Lush)

2. Ylang & Orange (Energize atmosphere)

3. Lavender (Calming Soul)

4. Lemongrass (Spa Zen)

5. Summer Orchid (Energize Atmosphere)

6. Onsen Yuzu (Verdure Spring)

7. Rainforest (Elevate Freshness)

8. English Orchid (Boutique Club)

9. Kenzo (Posh Lush)

10. Ocean Mist (Sea Spa)

11. Sakura Melon (Fruity Fresh)

12. COCO (Passion Motivated)

13. Baccara Rose (Bouquet of Roses)

14. Ylang Ylang & Green Tea

15. Bamboo Dew (Forest Green)

16. Elizabeth (Green Tea Fresh)

17. Bitter orange & White Tea

18. Patcholi & Bergamot

19. Peach Mango (Fruitty Fresh)

20. Sweet Orange (Cocktail Lush)

21. Love Spell (Memories)

22. Anti-Mozzie

23. Relaxing (Peaceful Breeze)

24. Limetta & Lemongrass (Lime Lush)

25. Eden Garden (Euphoric Garden)

26. Avalanche (Slush Passion)


Consist of Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal Made In Singapore

Ingredients: Botanical Extracts and Essential oil

*Please choose your scent upon checking out

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