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120ML Aroma Fragrance Spray

120ML Aroma Fragrance Spray

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MScents Aroma Spray

Multipurpose spray with refreshing and soothing aroma for home, home linen, and body.

Easy hassle free aroma scenting solutions to freshen up your space instantly.

Suitable for Bathroom, Office, Car, and anywhere you like it.

Choice of Scents:

Buyer Choice!

1 πŸ’• Avalanche (Slush Passion)

2 πŸ’• Bali Mist (Wild Vacation)

3 πŸ’• COCO (Passion Motivated)

4 πŸ’• EDEN GARDEN (Euphoric Garden)

5 πŸ’• English Orchid (Boutique Club)

6 πŸ’• Eucalyptus (Pristine Ambience)

7 πŸ’• Lavender (Calming Soul)

8 πŸ’• Lemongrass (Spa Zen)

9 πŸ’• Ocean Mist (Sea Spa)

10 πŸ’• Onsen Yuzu (Verdure Spring)

11 πŸ’• Rainforest (Elevate Freshness)

12 πŸ’• Relaxing (Peaceful Breeze)

13 πŸ’• Rose Geranium (Aromatic Lush)

14 πŸ’• Summer Orchid (Energize Atmosphere)

15 πŸ’• Tea Tree (Natural Deodorant)

16 πŸ’• Hilton (indulgence)

17 πŸ’• Jewel (The Rain Vortex)

18 πŸ’• MBS (Luxury escape)

19 πŸ’• Shangril-La (Tranquil)

20 πŸ’• Westin (High Living)


- Consist of natural premium-grade essential oil.Β - AquaΒ - Therapeutic Essential Oils

- Premium FragrancesΒ - Disinfecting properties for anti-bacterial, viruses, and molds with Silverion 2400 USA EPA registered no. 72977-3.

Description:Β 120ml Aroma Spray

Made in Singapore


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