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Aroma Shower Gel - Whitening Organic Body Wash With Fragrance 500ml

Aroma Shower Gel - Whitening Organic Body Wash With Fragrance 500ml

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Aroma Shower Gel

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🧡 CoCo Secret -

Ingredients: Geranium wiefordii Msxim, Palmarosa, Oakmoss, Honey, Rose, Niacinamide essence, Fragrance, Herbal.

🧡 Bahamas Opium

Ingredients: Tonka bean, Citrus flower, English Pear Jasmine, Cinnamon, Niacinamide essence, Fragrance, Herbal.


Whitening Fresh and rich foam, gentle cleansing of the skin, delicate and silky skin,

romantic and skin-friendly, clear and moisturizing,

exuding a soft fragrance, and charming after bathing.

Gentle skin: Moisturize and nourish, care for your skin, softens the lips and make them look slimmer.

Soft: It can be applied to the skin surface with an authentic delicate texture, which will bring you much convenience and is soft and comfortable.

Fragrance Shower Gel Perfume Bath Lotion Moisturizing Cleansing Nourishing Fragrant Body Wash 500ML

Niacinamide shower gel is specially designed for use at home, in the spa, on the beach, pool, park, or anywhere else you need a good wash.

Feature: Moisturizing


STEP1: Take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand and knead to make a lather,

STEP2: Apply evenly on the body, rinse off after massage

Volume: 500ml

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