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400ML USB Car Fragrance Humidifier Diffuser

400ML USB Car Fragrance Humidifier Diffuser

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Car Humidifier Diffuser with Ambience light, perfect for the summer drive!

How to use 1. Take out the cotton rod and fully soak it with water for at least 1 mins. 2. Put back the rod into the cotton holder with the spring at the bottom of the holder. Secure the holder tightly. 3. Add ample water to the cup holder. You can add 1-2 drops of essential oil to it (make sure it's a water-soluble type). Adding more drops is not recommended as it might clog up the cotton. 4. Close the cap, connect the humidifier to a power source and turn it on. Watch the humidifier light up with the mist spraying out!

Product size: 74*74*150MM

Water tank capacity: 400ML

Product gross weight: 160g

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