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30ML Hotel Series Essential Purifier Oil

30ML Hotel Series Essential Purifier Oil

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Taking inspiration from Hotels worldwide, we strive to create a series of beautiful and invigorating Hotel Scents while providing the therapeutic properties of essential oil! Create a relaxing and rejuvenating home by completing it with Mscents invigorating hotel scent series! Our wide range of aromas offer solutions for homes of all shapes and sizes and go beyond what your everyday aroma can do.

Choice of Scents: 

Hilton (Indulgence)

Ritz Carlton (PrestIge)

Shangri-La (Tranquil)

Marriot (Lushness)

MBS (Luxury Escape)

Westin (High Living)

Swissotel (Grandeur)

Jewel (The Rain Vortex)

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