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Pure Essential Oil, Hotel Fragrance Oil 10ml Blended for all purpose, Candle, Soap and many

Pure Essential Oil, Hotel Fragrance Oil 10ml Blended for all purpose, Candle, Soap and many

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Top Grade High Concentrated Fragrance Essential Oil

- Amber bottle 10ml

- Simply inhale

- Use essential oil diffusers, burners, nebulizers

- Use in a bath

- Use for Soap Making

- Use for Candlemaking (Flashpoint 70-85)

- Aromatherapy Usage (Advice to dilute with Carrier Oil)

- Aromatherapy massage (Advice to dilute with Carrier Oil)

Choices: Single Note

1 πŸ’• Avalanche (Slush Passion)

2 πŸ’• Bali Mist (Wild Vacation)

3 πŸ’• COCO (Passion Motivated)

4 πŸ’• EDEN GARDEN (Euphoric Garden)

5 πŸ’• English Orchid (Boutique Club)

6 πŸ’• Eucalyptus (Pristine Ambience)

7 πŸ’• Kenzo (Posh Lush)

8 πŸ’• Lavender (Calming Soul)

9 πŸ’• Lemongrass (Spa Zen)

10 πŸ’• Ocean Mist (Sea Spa)

11 πŸ’• Onsen Yuzu (Verdure Spring)

12 πŸ’• Peppermint (Natural Deodorant)

13 πŸ’• Rainforest (Elevate Freshness)

14 πŸ’• Relaxing (Peaceful Breeze)

15 πŸ’• Rose Geranium (Aromatic Lush)

16 πŸ’• Sandalwood (Unique Lumber)

17 πŸ’• Summer Orchid (Energize Atmosphere)

18 πŸ’• Tea Tree (Natural Deodorant)

19 πŸ’• Sleep Assist

20 πŸ’• Stress Relieve

21 πŸ’• Gentleman (Unmistakable)

22 πŸ’• High Society (The next level)

23 πŸ’• Hilton (indulgence)

24 πŸ’• Jewel (The Rain Vortex)

25 πŸ’• Lady M (Demure)

26 πŸ’• Marriot (Lushness)

27 πŸ’• MBS (Luxury escape)

28 πŸ’• Ritz Carlton (Prestige)

29 πŸ’• Shangril-La (Tranquil)

30 πŸ’• Signature No 7 (Timeless sensuality)

31 πŸ’• Swissotel (Grandeur)

32 πŸ’• Westin (High Living)

Made In Singapore

Ingredients: Botanical Extracts and Essential oil

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.

They can be both as powerful fragrant or aromatic compounding ingredients and as well for traditional therapies such as acupuncture, shiatsu, foot reflexology, muscle pain reliever and etc with health and healing effects owing to their’ natural remedial properties. Many people experience the effects of various body hyperthermia and skin changes. More important is emotional comfort. Aromatherapy is treated with "fragrance", so the aroma is very important, making us feel better, feeling better, and thus the physical pain or discomfort is alleviated. Although aromatic oil also has direct healing effects, such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, calming, soothing, and anti-allergic, some simple and mild conditions, can be improved by self-application, however, if dealing with more serious diseases such as cancer, and chronic diseases, then you should consult a specialist or an experienced aromatherapist.

**Please always check on the usage detail for any particular essential oil type prior to its application.

Caution: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eye.

If pregnant, consult a medical practitioner for suggested use.

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