Our Mission

To provide ethically sourced, competitively priced essential oils in its purest form and of highest quality to our customers.

We use innovative technology and aromatherapy for all our products to cater to both businesses and individual consumers.

Our Story

Back in 2003, we first discovered the many health benefits of essential oils and started undergoing research and development. This led us to discover the unique and vast range of essential oils and aromatherapy.

By 2012, we established a full range of aromatherapy products and focused on exportation to ASEAN countries.

MScents was officially founded in 2017.

Equipped with more than 10 years of essential oil knowledge and expertise in the market, we continue to innovate our products to provide the best scenting solutions to our clients. We have since expanded by diversifying- comprising the sale of scenting appliances, aroma health products & solutions, fragrances and air diffusing systems to consumers. MScents continues to cover a wide spectrum of aromatic and personal hygiene products, while maintaining its premium positioning in the market. Today, we export our signature organic aromatherapy products to countries like Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and many more.